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Be Part of a Huge Industry

Residential Construction is Growing Year Over Year

Crownco provides an opportunity for contractors and business owners who are looking to cash in on home warranty work from established builders across the United States.

All new homes come with a builders warranty on roofing, plumbing, electrical and more. At Crownco we are the go-between the builders and the home owners. We work directly for the home builders. When something under warranty needs repairing Crownco make the necessary repairs for the home builder.

Crownco provides an opportunity for contractors and business owners who are looking to cash in on home warranty work and prep & detail work from established builders and realtors across the United States. When existing homes are sold, Crownco can do the prep, detail and repair work to restore the home to like new condition.

In 2019 there were 1.29 million housing starts in the US. Despite the economic slowdown caused by Covid housing starts for 2020 are expected to exceed 1 million.

According to Federal Statistics the new home industry contributed more than $2.7 Trillion to the US economy in 2018. The industry employs more than 2 million people.


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New Housing Units Each Year
$ 0 billion
Average Annual Construction Expenditures
$ 0 trillion
Revenue from Construction Industry in 2019

Partner with a Leader In This Industry

When you start a Crownco home warranty franchise, you start with an established business model, a leading brand, and well established connections with vendors and construction companies. With supportive people and useful resources backing you up, you can find the time for your customers, your family, and yourself. It’s truly a unique system.

Crownco Inc. was started in 2008 during a major economic recession. Despite the economic slow down Crownco grew rapidly. Starting with just one employee Crownco grew to 15 employees by the end of the first year. Today Crownco has four regional offices in Southern California and over 180 employees.

Crownco, the Builders Solution has been able to automate an industry bogged down with cumbersome paperwork and inadequate and inconsistent customer service. Our priority systems insures consistent customer satisfaction. It also insures paperwork is up to date and entered in the system.

Contact Us For More Information

Our franchise owners do not need to be experienced in the construction industry. Call us at (800) 837 2320 X 313 to find out how to become a Crownco Franchise Partner in this exciting Home Warranty Industry. Come grow with us!!